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Safely removing a tree off a crushed house.

This massive tree was toppled onto this house during a storm.

Kilmurry’s equipment allows this tree to be removed without further damaging the structure or damaging trees and houses that surround the felled tree. With the aid of a 70 ton crane we can remove the major limbs of any tree. Next he will fasten a harness to the tree in preparation for its removal. You can see the tree being lifted up and over existing trees. A 70 ton crane is being used by one of Kilmurry’s many experienced operators. Kilmurry’s over the center bucket truck is in the foreground. The tree is then gently placed into the street. Once the harness is removed the tree will be cut up into smaller pieces for disposal. Another successful job thanks to Kilmurry’s equipment and personnel.

Trimming without damaging trees or property.

This tree was located next to the owners house. In addition, it hung over his roof. The tree had to be removed delicately to prevent damage to the houses shingles as well as the houses structure. This 80 foot, over center, bucket truck is more cost efficient than a large crane allowing Kilmurry’s to get the job done safely and at the right price! In this picture, our bucket truck safely removes the branches of the tree first. Next the tree itself is removed. You’ll notice that the back of the truck is designed for a chipper to attach. In fact, the next job was to chip the wood into the back of the truck.

70 ton Crane

The advantage of having the right equipment is once again demonstrated in this series of pictures. The owner of this tree wanted to protect the surrounding hardwoods. Using a bucket truck one of the crew begins by removing the branches from the bottom to the top of the tree.

Safely bringing down large trees.
Using a 70 ton crane to remove large pine trees, a series of guidelines are hooked to the tree in order to lift it out onto the street. These lines are manufactured specifically for tree cutting and far less prone to breakage and slippage. Through this process we are able to lift trees out with absolutely no damage to the yard.

Protecting your valuable property.

The owner of this house had invested thousands of dollars in landscaping. Fences, ponds, gardens and of course the house had to be protected from this diseased tree. Smaller companies would have to use equipment that would tear up a yard.

Kilmurry’s has the right equipment and the right personnel.
In this picture, using a 38 ton crane, we are able to lift the trees off your house after a storm. The only way to protect this customer’s expensive landscaping. We were able to gently lift the tree, protecting the customer’s property. The rest of our equipment then removes the tree, leaving no debris, in a quick and efficient manner.

Trees surrounded by buildings and decks.

The owner of this house had a 100 foot pine that needed to be removed. It was located between two buildings. Complicating this removal was the construction of a deck around the tree itself!

Kilmurry’s has the right equipment and the right personnel.
Kilmurry’s 45 ton crane is able to top very tall trees. In this series of pictures you’ll see the tree removal without any damage to the deck or surrounding structures.

Our 100 ton crane prevents property damage.

In this particular job we needed to remove a tree without destroying a beautifully landscaped piece of property as well as the home itself. Tight lot lines left little room for cutting equipment. The only way to remove this tree without damaging property was to cut it and lift it up and over the house. Our 100 ton crane was the equipment for the job.

Removing a 100 Foot Tree

This 100 foot tree, surrounded by electric wires, telephone poles and houses also measured 70 feet wide! A major undertaking for even the most experienced tree service. We began by bringing in our 38 ton crane and removing the top of the tree. Carefully lifting the pieces over the utility lines.

Several more large branches are removed. You’ll see that as the job progressed the top part of the tree is removed as well as many of the branches until the tree was trimmed to a more manageable size. Once again a happy customer as a result of Kilmurry’s equipment and service.

Removing trees from a high wall

At this job site we needed to remove trees safely from a high wall behind the home within a tight space.

Big tree near steep driveway 

Here’s a perfect set up on a hilly driveway. And look at this monster tree come out in one piece.

Here's a perfect set up on a hilly driveway. And look at this monster tree come out in one piece.

Posted by Kilmurry's Tree Service on Monday, October 16, 2017

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